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From where Did the Alias Starts?

Nowadays, especially with our "politically correct" beliefs, most women find it a bit troublesome when that uncomfortable moment arrives in terms of what to call each other to not offend anyone between ladies. Once upon a time, identifying a 'woman' a 'chick' was deemed offensive because the general female population believed that it infantilized them. Nowadays, the title has transformed into one of 'tenderness' or 'affection.'

However, this uncertainty lives on as women still continue to fight and wonder how to use the term correctly and inoffensively. For instance, 'gal' and 'girl' between women can be perceived as offensive, implying that the other party is incompetent or more childish that the other. Nonetheless, 'lady' or 'ma'am' can be just as insulting as well, insinuating older age and possibly undesired authority or seriousness.

In most English-speaking countries like Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, or even Malaysia, the term applies to youthful and gorgeous females in a complimentary way. In addition, it's a mannerly fashion of referencing a young woman in contrast to other possible choices. However, if we examine the most accepted description of the word 'chick,' it's derived from 'chicken,' which is a miniature fuzzy "creature," and it's considered to be charming and lovely by most, yet it is a class of bird.

Accordingly, if we reflect upon this definition along with both of its underlying connotations, some females will welcome being titled by this nickname and others will reject it. Though, according to most women, we must pay close attention to the moment and its circumstances in which the term is employed to fully understand if it's being used indecently or not.

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'Chick' as a Noun and as an Adjective

In modern times, feminists and women alike have utilized this word as a noun, and more recently, have likewise embraced it as an adjective to install it before fixed nouns such as "chick flick" or "chick lit." These newly fashioned catchphrases hint to romantic or passionate feminist films, novels, or other pieces of sensitive writing, which almost always have a fairytale-like or nostalgic conclusion. Additionally, legendary music bands such as The Dixie Chicks along with other top hits like "Sexy Chick" from David Guetta have affirmed the "chick fever," as well.

Interestingly enough, both uses of the term, represent an opposite connotation of it. For example, when The Dixie Chicks first formed their band in 1989, they were thought-about as an authentic bluegrass band with western swing, whose name was formulated after the song "Dixie Chicken" by Little Feat. This austral tune about the Memphis eventide ambience and the romantic stir of southern charm makes reference to a "Dixie chicken" and a "Tennessee lamb." The "Dixie chicken" refers to a young, beautiful southern bell and a "Tennessee lamb," who must be a young southern gentleman, both with a positive undertone.

On the other hand, the song "Sexy Chicks" original title was "Sexy Bitch", which in most cases, does have a negative outlook for women and can be degrading. Therefore, to be less shocking and for the "clean" version of the song, it was changed.

Concluding Points

In conclusion, the nomenclature is usually an agreeable means to address another female. Still, it can also be considered flippant due to its dynamic implications, which invariably depend on the happenings of the moment. For these reasons, always make a quick judgment call before bellowing out, "Who's that chick?" or "Thanks, chicky!"

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