About us

We are a group of friends that have created several websites since 2001, most of them about General Dating Tips, Relationships with Girls and International Marriage Dating Agencies.

In 2006 when we developed the first English Dating website, we received thousands of visitors from the whole world that allowed us to discover several particularities and keyword tendencies that several visitors used to discover our websites.

For that reason we started to analyze and study these particularities and keyword tendencies to help our visitors to find the correct information they search for.

As result of our study we conclude that lot of single men from different countries of the World, searches for single and beautiful girls using the term “chicks”. So this important conclusion pushed us, to think, design and build a new website about this theme, with the brand name; we want to make this website the right place to find general and particular information about chicks from the whole world for those who want to have quickly information in their fingertips.

We invite you to browse all the pages of our website and specially read the several articles that our writers created after searching and reading several websites. In those articles you will find information about the origin of the term “Chick”, about which are the common features of the most perfect and beautiful girls, lists of the most beautiful  women of the world (by country), cities with the most beautiful girls and details about the most beautiful blondes, brunettes and red hair ladies.

Finally we conclude since our own experience, from external surveys and reports that most of the single men search for girls in their country or city when they want to date, but a big percentage of single men that did not found their soul mate, start looking for international dating websites and agencies, to meet girls from Europe (especially from CIS Countries (Commonwealth of Independent States) like Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and other European Countries) or from Asia (mainly from China, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and other Asian Countries).

So for this simple reason, we invest time researching several websites to write about chicks from these countries, so you can learn and know more about international dating and make your own conclusions.

Thanks for taking time to read our “About Us” section to understand why we invested time and money to develop this website.

Please feel free to contact us, if you have comments, questions or recommendations to info @ We are open to hear you to improve our site adding more useful information for people like you.




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