Ten Qualities of the Ideal Woman

Who and What Compose  a "Perfect Woman?":

Even though we dwell within this modernistic and innovative 21st century, a single day doesn't transpire, where a woman doesn't feel threatened or degraded by the alleged, painted image of the ideal "her."  This anguish is usually a result of our media informants, which overrun female viewers with supposed model women with gym-made bodies and impeccable complexions. 

If a woman goes ahead to compare and contrast her personal beliefs and conceptualizations of what "true beauty" and "absolute perfection" are up against a well exercised and made-up Victoria's Secret model, her once positive self-confidence will undoubtedly throw down its boxing gloves in disgust.  Consequently, to evade future complications with wearing a two-piece bathing suit or exposing it all in front of a partner, a woman must first admit that 'perfection' is much more than endless exercising, anti-age creams and high-paying jobs.   

We can't exactly illustrate or characterize which women are faultless and which ones are second-rate because it all banks on who is setting the standards.  For men, physical appearance, intelligence, and an attractive personality are all a plus.  However, when it comes to women critiquing women, the weight of other more important characteristics beyond the physical and intellectual ones come into play.  Additionally, we must bear in mind that no one comes into this world without a tiny birthmark, a distinguishing feature, or a minor health issue.  If perfection were the fate of all women, their actions and looks would imply robotics and Barbie doll-like faces.  So how could 'perfection' be expressed by mere humans?  Read on to unmask the truth.


Smart, Cute and Funny Are Overrated, yet Still Remain Positive Aspects:

According to sources, if a woman possesses all three of these qualities, she can be considered "perfect," especially in the eyes of men.  However, too much intelligence or ego could cause conflict in a relationship because arguments would be very difficult to resolve.  Similarly, if a woman is magnificently beautiful and flaunts herself 24/7, this could provoke jealousy in her partner.  Finally, being funny and witty is always a great way to back out of a fight or a difficult situation, but if these moments of comic relief overwhelm the seriousness of the relationship, they could become an obstacle.

Therefore, it's best to maintain a happy medium of these three powerful personality boosters: sexy but not slutty, funny but not immature, and street smart and wise, but not arrogant, stubborn genius.


The Chameleon Approach:  Being Able to Blend in:

It's always thrilling to be unique in comparison to anyone else we encounter.  It's also true that our hobbies, appearance, and character distinguish who we are, but this doesn't mean that we should be inaccessible or unalterable, particularly when it comes to pursuing or getting acquainted with a potential suitor.

As a result of unapproachability, people won't feel comfortable around us and won't share personal thoughts, feelings or quality time.  For this reason, it's best to be easy to open up to and approach.

However, once in an official relationship, we may notice certain annoying quirks or personality clashes with our significant other.  If they are minor and not life-threatening, we should take on the chameleon approach and accept the flaws, especially if the relationship is meant-to-be since there's a very high possibility that we won't be willing to adopt a new form of living or personality; Give a little and get a little.


Truthfulness, Fidelity and Respect:  The Irrevocable Moral Traits:

Telling the whole truth, being loyal to friends, family, and spouses and possessing both self-respect and respect for everyone are some of the most sought-out characteristics.  If a woman is prepared to reveal past relationships or a problematic stage in her life, this is a way of proving her honesty.  In addition, if she has a male friend, who is no Casanova or has suffered a mangling accident, and is still committed to their friendship, this demonstrates her loyalty.  Lastly, if a woman doesn't take well to poor or unfair treatment and stands up for her rights or for someone she cares about, this confirms her agreeable respect policy.


Spontaneous, Convivial, but Efficient:

Most men cherish a woman who is unpredictable because this is how a long-term relationship preserves its spark and spice.  A woman that relishes living out life alongside her inner circle is an ideal partner.  Nonetheless, it's important for her to be both responsible and organized as well so that she will uphold an uncluttered and tidy living ambiance, also.


Ten Qualities=One Version of a "Perfect" Woman:

Absolute perfection doesn't exist anywhere on the globe, so we must strive to be the finest 'us' attainable.


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