Beautiful and Sexy Chicks from the World

“The Most Stunning Women from Each Corner of the Planet”


How Are the Most Beautiful Women Selected to Stand Out Against Others?

Beauty contests, pageants, casting votes via polls for Men's and Women's magazines among other rating sites are how gorgeous ladies merit a chance to shine and be declared one of the most attractive dames on the globe.  These competitions or ratings hold set criteria like natural beauty, alluring character, excellent skill in something original, and the ability to answer questions for judges about themselves and their missions.


Swedish Dames: Characteristically Slender, Fair-Haired, and Refined

Every variation of blonde hair, light-colored eyes, pale skin, long legs, and round faces are the types of women you will encounter in the streets of Stockholm. 

Some reputable delicacies are Elsa Hosk, who is a top model and movie actress, Liza Berrgren, who is a runway model and beauty queen, and Dani Karlsson, who is a top model and world pageant winner.




Argentine Women: Flawless Completions, Italian-Influenced, and Chic Style

According to many sources, Argentina houses some of the most exquisite women of the Western Hemisphere due to their fashionable and romantic culture.  Women greet you with striking glances, long, flowing hair, thin waists and an excellent taste for top fashion.  Some well-known 'minas' are Luisana Lopilato, who is a TV actress and model, Emilia Attias, who is a TV commentator and actress, and Nicole Neumann, who is a top model and a TV commentator.


Brazilian Goddesses: Exotic, Mixed Culture, and 100% Sexually Desirable

It's known throughout the globe that Brazilian 'mulheres' are inevitably born to be supermodels.  Long legs, beautifully toned skin and flaring glimpses will knock any guy off his feet.  Some beauties with recognition are Adriana Lima, who is a top Victoria's Secret model, Alice Braga, who acted in the world-renowned film I Am Legend, and Gisele Bündchen, who is the highest-paid model in the world. 


Spanish Señoritas: Perfectly Arched Brows, Amazing Accents, and Natural Brunettesworldwide 03

'Mujeres' from Madrid to Barcelona are famous for their romantic charm as well as their sexual stares and naturally highlighted brown hair.  Some Spanish flowers not to miss out on are Penelope Cruz, who is a Hollywood star and excellent actress, Vanessa Romero, who is recognized for her TV acting, and Paz Vega, who is a supermodel that acted in the chick flick, Spanglish.


Colombian 'Chicas:' Fused Hair and Skin Colors, Fit Bodies and Extremely Feminine Looks

If you spot a Colombian gal wandering up and down the San Andres beach, she will take your breath away with a compelling blend of nationalities and tones, and you will soon realize that her body is like a weapon.  Don't let these gems disappear into the Caribbean Sea such as Shakira, who is an extremely talented singer and performer, Sofia Vergara, who is a brilliant, comedic actress, and Sandra Valencia, who is one of the most incredible runway models in Latin America.


All American Girls: Numerous Shapes, Colors, and Sizes, Well Accessorized, and Original:

American women vary in size and shape due to the diverse fuse of cultures in The United States.  However, if you meet one, she will be independent and original with her style, well accessorized and dressed, and obviously, ready to impress.  Some American girls to check out are Angelina Jolie, who is a remarkable actress and mother, Megan Fox, who is an exquisite model and actress, and Beyoncé Knowles, who is an excellent singer and actress.


worldwide 01Russian Dolls: Seductive, Fair-Skinned, and Average-Height:

If you happen to bump into a Russian lady on the street, most Russian women are very smart, strong, and imaginative as compared to their stereotype of being passive.  Most are fairly short, straight-nosed with light-colored eyes.  Some famous Russian women are Natalia Vodianova, who is a famous Calvin Klein model, Maria Sharapova, who is a tennis player and swimsuit model, and Olga Kurylenko, who is a Ukrainian model and TV actress.


Italian Donne: 100% Brunettes, Dark Eyes, and Bronze-Skinned

Most Italian women encompass a slim body with complimentary curves, perfect facial symmetry, full lips, and penetrating eyes with lengthy lashes.  Some favorites are Maria Grazia Cucinotta, who is an Italian actress, Monica Bellucci, who is a famous Italian personality and actress, and Melissa Satta, who is a TV personality and model.


Japanese Ladies: Elegant, Slim, and Ornate

In general, Japanese women are mostly strong-willed, chic, of smaller build, and highly concerned with their physical appearance.  However, most women are viewed as quiet and don't express their opinions too much.  Some noted Japanese women are Norika Fujiwara, who is a beauty queen, Koyuki Kato, who acted in The Last Samurai, and Satsuki Shimabukuro, who is a famous model for Giorgio Armani.



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