Brunette Celebrities

KimCan We Honestly Critique Somebody By Their Hair Color?

Is it reasonable to determine an individual's character merely by the tone of their mane?  It's quite vogue to modify the color of one's hair with ease, so passing judgment on what a person's true charisma is like based on a mere color is considerably suspect.

Therefore, in the end, do these Brunettes described below fit into the classic stereotype of being sensitive, quiet and unimaginative?


Angelina Jolie: Bold, Yet Generous Hollywood Actress

Jolie is an award-winning, Brunette performer, who stole the Hollywood stage not only with her jaw-dropping looks, but also with the constant prominence of being involved in global charity projects, especially those involving refugees and young and orphaned children.  She is additionally identified as one of the most beautiful women in history and does 80% of the stunts in most of her movies!  Lack of imagination, much?


Kim Kardashian: Keeping Up With this Dark-Haired Delicacy is a Challenge

Kim is truly one of the most well-known and well-established Brunettes on the list for her scandalous life and enormous-sized family.  She is one of the richest and highest-paid reality TV stars in history.  Aside from the TV reality program "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," she and Courtney own a fashion boutique called DASH, where they sell luxurious perfumes amongst other fashionable items. 

Kim also is currently working with other important clothing lines by giving the outfits an interesting touch.


Nina Dobrev: Stunning, Yet "Eternal" VixenNina

Dobrev is originally from Bulgaria, and this is how she has acquired her exotic reputation.  After playing an important role in the TV series "Degrassi High," she upped her ranking as the lead role in The CW's, "The Vampire Diaries." Her attractive appearance is naïve, yet provocative, and her waving, amber locks, and slanted, dark eyes add to her mysterious vibe.


Megan Fox: Guaranteed to Steal the Limelight at Any Time

Fox's striking indigo-ebony hue is very characteristic of her extrinsic appearance.  In the beginning, Megan starred in several TV series as well as commercials on TV.  However, as her breakthrough role, she stole the attention of all viewers as Shia LaBeouf’s character in a major motion picture, "Transformers" with her amazingly sexy body and a significant leap into the world of acting talent. 

Fox has also been deemed one of the most alluring and sensuous women of all time and has been photographed for both The Rolling Stone and Maxim magazines.


MeganPenélope Cruz: A Spanish Rose Ever Since She Hit the Big Screen at 16

Outside of her home country of Spain, Cruz is known as the "Spanish enchantress," and was born in the marvelous city of Madrid. 

She takes the award for being the most social and well-spoken Brunette since she speaks English, French, Italian and Spanish perfectly. 

She is renowned for her exquisite performance in the film, "Vicky, Christina, Barcelona," which was a rather jaw-dropping role to play.


Final Thoughts on Brunettes

In the end, gentleman may prefer blondes because they are pretty, but it is said that sexy, twisted billionaires prefer brunettes.  Therefore, color is just a number as well, like age.





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