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Keep Calm and Have a Blonde Moment

While talking about the erotic blonde performers on the planet, men and women both may find it challenging to determine which ones are the most attractive.  Aside from physical beauty, there are some blondes that have admiring qualities like being generous with their earnings for the less fortunate, or for being outstanding and presentable actresses.  Being fair-haired doesn't have anything to do with intelligence and here are the top five in Hollywood.


Reese Whitherspoon, The Genuine Definition of "Blondes Have More Fun"Reese

This American actress had her grand breakthrough in the movie "Legally Blonde."  Even though Whitherspoon has experienced some bumps along the way, she has always been considered a sexy trendsetter and fun-loving.  In addition to a bubbly personality, she is both generous and humble when it comes to donating to charities for women and children in need.


Jessica Biel, Beware of Her Natural Beauty

There is a crazy lineup of ladies out there that envy Jessica Biel's flawless figure, but this is a result of her hard work in the gym multiple times per week.  The most intriguing fact about the celebrity blonde is that she doesn't find it 100% necessary to wear makeup all the time.  She also isn't one to be the center of attention and surely isn't spoiled, except for by her dreamy husband, Justin Timberlake. If you do not know, she started as singer (when she was nine) in some musical productions.


Jessica Alba, One of the Most Sensuous Blondes for Ages

With her spicy mix of nationalities from France and Mexico, Jessica Alba never loses a competition as one of the sexiest women alive.  Jessica is also very famous for being very closely bonded to her family and loved ones, and she would give up the world just to devote time to them.  She has an outstanding judge of character and knows how to organize her schedule well, which helps her out immensely when it comes to snagging starring roles in big screen pictures.


CameronTaylor Swift, She's more Than Just a Small-town Pennsylvania Girl

Taylor Swift reigns as a country-n-western phenomenon, who has fearless beauty.  She may be a young girl (she born in December 1989), but she has transformed into one of the most prosperous and highest-paid musicians in the world.  Interestingly enough, most of her songs are about of her ex-boyfriends from the past!

She appeared in the comedy Valentine's Day (in 2010) and in the animated film "The Lorax" (in 2012). 


Cameron Diaz, You Can't Miss Her Wide, Bright Smile

Being known for dancing like a "white girl" in almost every movie, Cameron Diaz considers herself to be "a tough kid, adventurous and independent," and she has lived in numerous different countries since she was 16 from Japan to Mexico. 

Her first step into the limelight was with "The Mask" and she hasn't stopped shining since then, making new movies like My Best Friend's Wedding and the two Charlie's Angels movies!. She was also the voice of Princess Fiona in Shrek films.


Being a "Dumb Blonde" Is Just a Myth

In the end, there are endless smart, charitable, remarkable golden-haired babes out there in the world, and not just in Hollywood, but rather all over the map.  In this case, 'blonde' truly is just a color.



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