Five Famous Muslim Girls


The Arab world has many things to offer to the other side of the world, among which we can find Five Famous Muslim Girls who have dedicated her life to the performance of different arts, reason more than enough to belong to the Arab jet set.


This beautiful model and actress was born in Egypt on 4th February 1981, under the name of Wessam Reda Ismail El-Degwi. At the beginning of her career, Zeina used her real name while her stage of filming video clips lasted. Later, she started to use her artistic name and she made her first film after director Daoud Abdel Sayed chose her to star in Ard El kof (Land of Fear), thanks to which she became famous. Now, with thirteen films, three awards and two months of imprisonment due to a traffic incident, this former high school teacher has become Egypt’s sensation.

Sulaf Fawakherji

This gorgeous Syrian film star was born on 22nd July, 1977 and she is the owner of the most impactful light eyes which go directly to anyone’s heart. Syria has witnessed how much this woman has grown an incredible actress through their national soap operas which are so loved by their audience. Despite having starred in seven films, acting is not the only interest of Sulaf, who also studied art and sculpture at Adham Ismail Fine Arts Institute. Do you want more? Sulaf was one of the torchbearer at the 2008 Summer Olympics torch relay.

Yasmin Abdulaziz

She was born in Egypt on 16th January, 1980. One fine day, one of her mother’s friends discovered her beauty and made them an irresistible proposal: appearing in several TV advertisements to be the face of important brands in her country. Of course both of them accepted and that was how, at the age of fifteen, she started a career that has positioned her as one of the most famous and beautiful Egyptian actresses. It was not long after she began to appear either on TV series, as well as in films.

Didem Kinali

This gorgeous belly dancer and singer was born in Turkey, on 6th June, 1986. She became a dancer when she was a child, profession in which her parents obliged her to enter, which cost her a lot of time spent alone and many tears for not having the possibility of living a teenager’s normal life. She became internationally famous thanks to Ibo Show, a Turkish TV programmed which hosts Ibrahim Tatlises. Now she performs at Sultana’s Dinner and 1001 Nights in Istanbul. Apart from that, she is the jury on a dance competition broadcast on TV.

Nancy Ajram

This Lebanese singer was born in Beirut, on 16th May, 1983 and is now a multi-platinum artist. She was lucky enough to have a supportive father who helped her start her career as a singer and thanks to that and to her unmatched talent, she recorded and released her first studio album when she was only fifteen. Her first World Music Award reached her hands in 2008 with the album Bitfakkar Fi Eih. Would you like to know something about Nancy’s personal life? In 2008 she married her dentist, Fadi El Hachem and now they have two daughters. Due to her incredible beauty, Nancy was voted The Most Beautiful Mom of 2009.


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