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"The Violet Idol"

Tong Profile

Name: Tong

Age: 21

City / Country: Beijing, China

As a person, she claims that she is a woman who understands exactly what she desires, and when she requires it.  She favors to do things on her own, her way, especially since she is a Human Resources Manager. 

She asserts that her spiritual upbringing and life in general have shown her how to be a tough person, both emotionally and psychologically speaking.  Consequently, whining and complaining are not her fortes.  However, even though she is a strong-willed person, she also does have a soft side.

She is currently free and looking for her marvelous prince to sweep her off her tired feet and help her to escape from the dull reality itself as well as her enduring solitude. 

Second PicIt seems as though she has fallen on some challenging times relationship-wise in the past, and she wants her future man to dig her out of the rut she has got trapped in over the prior years.

She also declares that she has a tattoo of a woman on her arm, who is her idol but that it doesn't mean that she is a "bad girl."  Nevertheless, it does signify that she continuously strives to become more like this idol so that she is a better person.

In terms of interests, she is a shopping addict since she is a great lover of fashion. She claims that every woman is attractive in their own way, but she understands how to be both stunning and decent. 

She additionally enjoys photography because she finds if fascinating to record and remember every priceless moment of her existence.

She also loves reading, and she claims that it brings out the internal elegance of a lady.  Singing Adele's "Rolling in the Deep” and dancing are likewise very relevant to her daily routine being that it helps her let go of her isolation. 

Finally, she travels quite frequently so that she can be sure to unwind and shape her personality with genuine life experiences. 

It's about time for the sun to deflect light upon Tong's life again so that springtime will surely spring!



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"Strawberry Blonde Demigoddess"

Name: A JiaoJiao Picture One

Age: 26

City / Country: Fuzhou, China

She is the type of girl that favors to live the 'now,' not the 'past.'  She describes herself as a rather modest and delicate sort of person, and that's why she doesn't like any conflict at all within her surroundings.  She considers herself to be trustworthy and straightforward, and she hopes others will treat her in the same way. 

Within her view of the world, she sees life as openly and freely as possible, outside of the box.  As a result, her creativity and originality stem from her welcoming way of thinking.  She is like a chameleon since she is rather adaptable and can blend into any atmosphere present to her.

When it comes to being romantic, A Jiao loves taking passionate strolls along the sandy shores of lakes and makes an honest effort to take in the rustic harmony of the surroundings of her hometown. 

She also is a big fan of camping with friends and family, or any other fun event that she can spend time with her loved ones. 

While she is camping in the great outdoors, some of her favorite activities are cooking delicious meals and fishing for the great catch of the day. 

Second PicAdventures are one of her real passions in life that also makes traveling a great part of her life.  Foreign languages don't inhibit her travels to all different corners of the world or stop her from watching foreign films, like "Original Sin," to learn more about other cultures of the universe.

She is currently searching for a "one woman" man who will swear his honesty and loyalty to her forever and ever. 

She also desires a man who is kind and generous who will treat her like a princess and open up himself to her so that all of their real feelings will always be present and not hidden lies. 

She is not only looking for a soul mate, but also a best friend. Interestingly enough, she states that she already has a passport, which means that she is willing to travel to any foreign destination on the globe, even if she herself has to pilot the plane, to find the most important thing that makes a house a home, love. 

Hopefully, this “final destination” will be close to Bali Island!




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