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The following ladies profiles are some example of online profiles of single girls from Asia Countries that you can find in on Online Dating Sites Agencies (Marriage Agency).

They are 100% real profiles of single girls from different countries of Asia like China, Vietnam, Thailand and Japan, or living in United States of America.


Carolyn from PhilippinesName: Carolyn
Job: Other
Birthday: Born on May 18, 1990
Hair: Brown
Eyes Color: Brown
Body: Weight 46 Kg (101 lbs) and height 1.54 cm. (5'1")
City / Country: Cebu City / Philippines 

About Her: She describes herself as a nice, simple and very understanding girl. She have simple interests like watching TV or dancing, but that likes to drink socially and do not like to smoke. She knows to talk and write in English and have high school degree.

She wants to meet an honest man, faithful who must understand her. He must have good sense of humor and want to spend his life with this nice girl from Philippines.


Irina from BelarusName: Haiqi
Job: Hostess
Birthday: Born on January 14, 1990
Hair: Brown
Eyes Color: Black
Body: Weight 49 Kg (108 lbs) and height 1.68 cm. (5'6")
City / Country:  Zhengzhou / China

About Her: In her online dating profile, she describes as lovely and sweet princess girl from China. She also describes as a passionate and outgoing but romantic. She likes to smile and make people smile but that like to express her feelings directly.

She enjoys traveling and meeting new people to learn new cultures and things. Like to read books and movies (mostly romantic movies), make sports (yoga) and dancing soft music. She wants to meet a mature and passionate man who must take care of her.


Ekaterina from GermanyName: Ruoyu
Job: Dancer
Birthday: Born on April 04, 1991
Hair: Black  
Eyes Color: Black
Body: Weight 46 Kg (101 lbs) and height 1.63 cm. (5'4")
City / Country: Zhengzhou / China

About Her: She says that she is a girl that like to make new friends. About her character, she told that her friends describe her as a tender and sweet girl, and also optimistic and passionate. Her friends call her "little beauty"... so we can say that she is a Sexy Angel with traditional values.

She likes to cook nice food to friends and family, she really enjoys watching how they enjoy eating her food. But she also likes to dance (likes to listen pop music), making Yoga, traveling, swimming and other outdoor activities.


Ying from ChinaName: Ying
Job: Teacher
Birthday: Born on September 12, 1992
Hair: Black
Eyes Color: Black
Body: Weight 47 Kg (103 lbs) and height 1.63 cm. (5'4")
City / Country:   Zhuzhou / China

About Her: They are some keywords that describe the character of Ying... open-mind, happy, optimistic and caring but sure you can find more if you want to meet her. She says that she likes nature. She is a girl that likes to travel when she has free time, that also likes to read and watch movies like Titanic.

Do not waist your time asking her about a drink because she does not like to drink, and also do not like to smoke. If you like to build a family and you are a mature man and also sincere, you are the man that she wants to meet!


Nuttanan from ThailandName: Nuttanan
Job: Model
Birthday: Born on February 15, 1988
Hair: Chestnut
Eyes Color: Brown
Body: Weight 50 Kg (110 lbs) and height 1.62 cm. (5'4")
City / Country: Bangkok / Thailand

About Her: If you are a man that like active lifestyle, Nuttanan is the girl for you. She is a single girl (never married) that likes that likes to travel and healthy lifestyle. As active girl, she enjoys making sports; for example she enjoys basketball, making jogging, playing tennis and also play a soccer match. Also in her free time, she likes to read books, for example, romantic stories, detective and science fiction.

She decide to join a dating site to meet a serious and real man to start a long-term relationship. This man must protect and take care about her.



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Li from JapanName: Li
Job: Other
Birthday: Born on April 21, 1982
Hair: Black
Eyes Color: Black
Body: Weight 48 Kg (105 lbs) and height 1.63 cm. (5'4")
City / Country: Akita / Japan

About Her: She says in her profile information, that she is a happy woman that loves and enjoy her life. She knows that she can be satisfied easily, so that single man who wants to meet someone special here is your girl. Li likes to drink socially so if you want to date her you can invite some drinks but she does not like to smoke! About her interests... she likes traveling, play badminton and tennis and like to swim. She enjoys reading books (novels) and driving in her spare time.

She is looking for single good man who wants to share the good and bad things of life with her .


Chan from USAName: Chan
Job: Model
Birthday: Born on September 18, 1987
Hair: Brown
Eyes Color: Blackl
Body: Weight 49 Kg (108 lbs) and height 1.68 cm. (5'6")
City / Country: New York / USA

About Her: This young China girl that lives in USA, describes her character using two words: considerate and outgoing with a loving heart.  Nice words, right? but we have more... this single lady prefers natural lifestyle. She have many interests like cooking and BBQ, also like to travel, camping and swimming. She is a healthy girl that does not like to smoke or drink.

About her type of man... she is searching for an honest and sweet man... in few words, she is searching for a loving single man. 


Yuchen from ChinaName: Yuchen
Job: Dancer
Birthday: Born on Janyary 08, 1989
Hair: Black
Eyes Color: Black
Body: Weight 51 Kg (112 lbs) and height 1.70 cm. (5' 7")
City / Country: Shanghai / China

About Her: For Yuchen is not easy to describe herself. She describes as a person that can be a bit different with different persons. She feels dummy with some people and modest with other ones. Some people can make her feel important and other persons can make her think who is she...?  She is a very active girl that likes to take care about herself, but not spending time in gyms or spa or beauty salons.  

She wants to meet a good man (mature or young), but she really wants to meet a simple man like you.


Thuy from VietnamName: Thuy
Job: Art Editor
Birthday: Born on August 25, 1993
Hair: Brown
Eyes Color: Black
Body: Weight 47 Kg (103 lbs) and height 1.68 cm. (5' 6")
City / Country: Ho Chi Ming City / Vietnam

About Her: She describes as an optimistic and easy going lady, that likes to make new friends from the whole world. She never married, and like to have a healthy lifestyle no drinking and no smoking. She enjoys reading books in her free time, singing (she really likes to sing because make her happy) and also likes to travel with her friends.

She seeks a single man to share her life. If you are a man who likes life and adventures but being responsible you have good chances of making a family with Thuy. 


Qi from ChinaName: Qi
Job: Technologist
Birthday: Born on March 08, 1993
Hair: Black
Eyes Color: Black
Body: Weight 49 Kg (108 lbs) and height 1.67 cm. (5' 6")
City / Country: Hunan / China

About Her: If you read the online profile of Qi you will think that you are reading the profile of an angel... she describe as girl that like to help others when they need, kind, romantic and also passionate with a healthy style because she does not like to drink or smoke. As other girls from Asia, she likes to read books, also like to watch movies (she likes love stories) and can spend her free time making draws. 

She wants to meet a man who really knows how to deal with a girl, he must be romantic and never talk loudly (she hates that).


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