Famous Asian Blondes

“Fair-Haired Asian Beauties Are Rare Jewels”

It's Celebrated to Go Against Your Innate Nature Fashion Wise

As most women of the fashion world know, natural beauty without any cosmetic modifications is always the best choice for the man of their dreams to get to know them from the start.  However, sometimes it's fun to change natural hair color or try out a new makeup collection with other shades of colors that compliment the skin tone, as well. 

The vast majority of girls from a German descent are mostly blonde-haired and blue-eyed, and almost all Asian women are natively born with dark hair and brownish-black eyes.  As a result, some of these women dare to break the standards of their roots and change up their inherent looks to give themselves an exciting, yet fashionable edge. 


RinkoGet to Know Rinko Kikuchi: A Skilled Swordswoman and Motorcyclist

Rinko Kikuchi, or Yuriko Kikuchi, came to this earth on January 6, 1981 to the city of Hadano, Japan.

She is a well-known actress in the movie field, and has appeared in several famous Hollywood films like, "The Pacific Rim" and "Babel." Her first was in the movie "Will to live" in 1999.

Her captivating appearance and excellent acting abilities made her into the winner of an Academy Award for the movie, "Babel".  

Rinko exhibits rich, wheat blonde locks that compliment her soft-toned skin, which makes her irresistible.

Her voice was used in the film The Sky Crawlers of the Director Suito Kusanagi in the year 2008.



True Japanese Talent Revealed in Ayumi Hamasaki

Ayumi Hamasaki was born in Fukuoka, Japan to a single parent family. She commenced her modeling vocation when she was merely seven years old to help earn money for her family's well-being.  In terms of beginning her successful music career, one night, at a party, she was invited to sing karaoke in front of all of the guests, and the club owner was also the manager of a major record label.  She was instantly accepted and began taking singing lessons in New York. 

Nowadays, she has become a very popular spokes model for Honda and has also transformed herself into one of the highest-paid performers in Japan to date.  Her honey-colored locks accentuate her sunny-colored skin, which obviously makes the men drool.


The Queen of Cyberspace and Pop Culture Is Tila TequilaTila

Tila Tequila was born in Singapore, but raised in Texas in a Buddhist temple.  This Vietnamese doll was never one to follow the rules ever since her adolescent years.  She has been photographed and featured for numerous men’s magazines like Maxim UK, where she was listed on the "Hot 100 List." 

She also starred on her own reality TV show, "A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila," where men had a chance to date her and take her heart.  She sports medium blonde hair very similar to her skin tone, which makes her an almost "natural ten." 


It All Started With a Sports Bar and a Korean Charmer

Jamie Chung was born in California in The United States, but her parents came from Korea.  After having a few minor roles on TV series, Jamie finally began her thriving acting career with her role in the film, "Veronica Mars." Even though she is now a big screen actress, she did study Economic at the state university in California. 

She presents the classic "ombre look" on her brunette locks, which give them a hint of golden blonde.


DichenAustralian/Tibetan Descent Makes for an Interesting Mix

Dichen Lachman is originally from Kathmandu, Nepal, whose parents are of Australian and Tibetan backgrounds. 

Dichen started her acting career in Sydney, Australia since she previously had moved to Melbourne. 

She obtained her first significant performance part in the movie "Aquamarine" as well as a TV series from Australia called, "Neighbours." 

She flaunts beautiful, light blonde highlights to accentuate her brunette locks.



Keep an Eye Out for Asian Blondies

Therefore, since they are so hard to come by, keep your eyes peeled for Asian women, who have accepted the challenge of accepting the role of being blonde, even if it is against their nature.



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