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We can discuss several hours or perhaps days, but we cannot discuss the real search volume numbers… Hot Russian Girls have the biggest search volume if we look search volume stats of Google and Bing.  In second place you will find Ukraine Girls … so most of the European searches are about CIS Girls.

For that reason we start this European Girls section talking about Sexy Russian Chicks as representative of Euro Chicks World… we invite you to read this section to understand  “Why Russian Beauty Will Save the World” and why they have the biggest volume searches.


The Russian writer “Fyodor Dostoyevsky” says about Russian Ladies' Allure

Between their enigmatic souls and their Eastern world charm, Russian women are guaranteed to sweep almost any Westerner off their toes and into their exquisite care as both lovers and wives. 

Furthermore, the intriguing secret of a Russian woman's alluring beauty can be unearthed within the perimeters of both the Easterly and Westerly corners of the world.  Their overall feminist spirituality and dedication could appease any man's deepest desires for faithful companionship, particularly everlasting love.


Feline-like Facial Traits to Catch the Eye of Their Suitors

In Russia, at least 27 distinct races from all over the globe can be observed from city to city.  Consequently, the chilly streets of Russia are like an aesthetic fusion of cultures and languages, which yield striking blends of Eastern and Western physical hallmarks, especially in women.  Some of the common facial characteristics noted are round faces, which are drawn up with high cheekbones, creamy, porcelain-like skin accompanied by light-hued eyes, and deep blonde or dark brown flowing tresses of hair. 

A single exchange of glances with one of these Russian vixens can be fatal for a gentleman's innocent wandering eyes because it could be love at first sight with no intention of turning back.    


Hourglass Figure Deems Russian Women to Be More Femininewalking

As an additional bodily feature that makes Russian ladies stand out more than most is their sleek, hourglass-like figures.  In general, men favor women who are not only in shape, but who are feminine, as well. 

Physical health and well-being are also major factors in a Russian woman's life since taking pride and care in oneself and others is crucial.  As a closing point, to dress their doll-like frames, women tend to use vibrant colors such as gold and silver, and supplement their garments with warm, fur wraps and dainty accessories with precious stones. 


Russian Nature Is Powerful enough to "Enter a House on Fire"

Aside from being well-educated and diligent in the work environment, Russian women are very tough in the sense of enduring perverse situations, and if the time comes when she must forgive someone for their wrongdoings. 

Also, being that Russia could be considered a more 'feminine' country than 'masculine,' instead of valuing assertiveness and competitiveness like in a male-oriented setting, feminine culture places more emphasis on life itself and the true importance of relationship and togetherness.  Lastly, being that Russian women are so deeply immersed in this lifestyle, they are associated with being caring, affectionate and motherly towards their significant others.


smilingSpirituality Is What Gives Russian Women Their Mysterious Touch

As a person will come to notice, Russian spirituality and their views on the beauties of life is unique from that of the Western one.  Since there was a ban put on the idea of religious worship during the times of the Soviet Union, Russian citizens had to search for and find God only within their hearts. 

As a result of this prohibition, and amongst other political struggles, an outsider will sense an unquestionable melancholy, a profound sensation of mystery, extreme compassion for relationships and friendships, as well as gentle tenderness and dedication towards daily tasks that must be completed, within the depths of a Russian woman's soul. 

Lastly, her wide Russian eyes appear to be sincere, yet wistful, but this is that 'spark' that strikes the attention of her gentleman followers.



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