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“Hopeless Romantic Vixen”Irina CIS

Name: Irina

Age: 19

City / Country: Odessa, Ukraine

Irina could be described as an open-minded, "anything goes" type of girl since she chooses to life without 'borders.'  She is social, when it comes to going out with friends and having fun, she has a good sense of humor and is guaranteed to make you laugh, and most importantly, she is true to her significant others and would make an excellent wife someday.

What is Irina's current life goal?  She desires to find the man of her dreams and give him all of her love and appreciation for the rest of her time here on earth.

Irina CIS GirlShe is known as the "Hopeless Romantic Vixen" because love is her main focus in life aside from her friends and hobbies.  Even though she is currently studying and dedicating most of her brain power to become an economist, during her leisure time, she enjoys playing volleyball, tennis and football with friends and hopes to play with her man someday, as well. 

Finally, even though it may be considered old fashioned, Irina enjoys playing chess for fun since she is such a fun-loving girl.

Some of Irina's favorite things are the delicate flowers that blossom in the springtime, dancing to pop music, cooking steak for dinner, and obviously, reading romance stories about true love. 

If she could be reborn, she would probably be a singer, and in the near future, she would like to be a mother since Russian women are popular for their motherly habits.

Irina prefers to live the "now" and not the past or future, and, therefore, when it comes to finding her soul mate, she desires to find a man who has similar life values to her own.  She isn't too picky when it comes to what he looks like physically, but she does want a man who will devote all his love to her forever.  She also desires a man who will make her a better person than she is today.

Therefore, try picking her some gorgeous tulips to see if she will choose to be yours forever and ever!


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"Cheerful Sunshine Barbie"Antoninas CIS Girl

Name: Antonina

Age: 30

City / Country: Odessa, Ukraine

Tonya regards herself to be as pleasant as a songbird and her smile shines like the warmth of the morning sun.  She regards herself to be as pleasant as a songbird and her smile shines like the warmth of the morning sun. 

While she's not doing sports, she continues to fill her at-home library with both modern and world classics to keep her entertained on frigid, winter nights.  

What is her current life plan for the future?  She wants to find the perfect guy who will create a positive atmosphere at the home front, and obviously, make her feel wanted 24/7.  Tonya additionally craves to go back to school and study a worthwhile career to better her future.


Tonya is quite the adventurer as she loves playing tennis to stay in shape, working out, going horseback riding on the beach, and just spending some down time at the beach with her friends. 

She also is an excellent cook, which will make her a great wife someday since this characteristic trait comes from Ukrainian culture. 

Her ideal mate would be someone who is full of light and positive energy.  He also would need to be someone who is willing to give up everything for her, take care of her, and be a passionate person. 

She also possesses the great gift of remembering things, and would like to go to the romance capital of the world with her man: Paris.

Will she turn out to be the loyal and tender wife that she makes herself out to be? 

Give her a try!








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