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There Are More than a Few Russian Brunette Beauties in the Motherland

Being that Russia itself represents a female and motherly culture in terms of its women, and as a result of this, it is packed with hoards of timeless, womanly gems all over its crisp and rugged tundra.  Russian women are famous for being built like Barbie dolls: pale skin, tall stature, slender bodies, brilliant azure eyes, and brownish-blonde hair. 

With all of this beauty and their intriguing notion of mystery always present, it's quite normal for these ladies to become top models.


millaMilla Jovovich: Classic Soviet Charm Packed With Action

Milla Jovovich is one of the most recognized Ukrainian actresses of all times.  She is appreciated for her extraordinary appearances in the "Resident Evil" films and has earned the title of the "reigning queen of kick-butt."

Milla is a naturalistic person and loves practicing yoga and meditating in her leisure time.  Interestingly enough, even though she is not tied to a specific religion, she considers herself to be a very spiritual individual. 

Also, to maintain her perfect body and to supplement the action packed roles she takes on in the movies, she practices a variety of different forms of martial arts.


Mila Kunis:  Exotic Ukrainian Computer Nerd

Mila Kunis may be deemed one of the most beautiful Ukrainian women out there, but she also considers herself a 'computer geek.'  Even though her fame throughout the world is unmeasurable because of her participation in Hollywood movies like "Black Swan" and "Friends with Benefits," Kunis doesn't use any social media sites at all.  As most followers already know, Mila has a very stunning appearance, especially when she is in front of the camera. 

With her enigmatic Easterner appeal, it's no wonder that she has millions of fans on all different points of the globe.


Irina Shayk: Elite Russian Top Modelirina

This Russian beauty is recognized for her repeated appearances on the cover of numerous commercial magazines like Bolero, Annabelle, and especially Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, which could be considered the most renowned publication for swimsuits in the entire world. 

With the superb face and sensuous body that this swimsuit model reveals to the world via photographs, it is perfectly understandable why the legendary footballer from Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo, got caught up in her romance web for a rather extensive time.


Victoria Mikhelson: Beautiful Billionaire-to-Be

Victoria Mikhelson may not be a top model, but her pocket book is definitely filled up to the top.  Victoria's father is the reason for her inheritance because of his involvement in the gas and energy industry in Russia.  Even though this heiresses’' life is basically for, she’s studying Art History at the University of New York since her father claims that she has loved art ever since she was a child. 

Therefore, if a man doesn't want to have any type of financial struggle, this single brunette would be an excellent choice if he could win her heart.


Olga Kurylenko: A Ukrainian Gem Found in "Magic City"

Olga is an exquisite actress, who has starred in TV Series such as "Magic City" and big screen successes like, "To the Wonder."  To defend her fascinating elegance, her father is Ukrainian, and her mother is Russian. 

When she finally turned 18, Olga Kurylenko was photographed for the covers of Maxim, Elle and Vogue magazines. 

Whether she is performing the role of a mobster, hotel wife or an innocent, yet sensuous lover, this Ukrainian masterpiece is guaranteed to steal any man's attention with her bouncy, coffee-colored locks.

Her first performance in a movie was in France, and had many other performances including one with Pierce Brosnan as a retired agent of CIA and in 2008 in the movie Quantum of Solace (a James Bond movie).


Any Brunette from the Motherland Is Ideal

Both blondes and brunettes from Russia or its neighboring countries would all make excellent brides, so if you're a gentleman in the market for a lady, take the next flight out to Moscow and begin your search in the Red Square.


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